MYiweb Wireless

Capped Wireless

Capped Wireless Broadband Internet at an affordable rate - suitable for general internet use such as browsing, email, Facebook and a bit of Youtube and Netflix. Burstable speeds of up to 10Mbps dependant on network conditions. Caps ranging from 100GB to 200GB.

Uncapped Wireless

Uncapped Wireless Broadband Internet - Eat as much as you like - NO FUP or Throttling - Good for gaming, Netflix and Showmax. Packages from 6Mbps to 15Mbps available.

Air Fibre Wireless

Premium Wireless Broadband Internet - Point-to-Point wireless link connected to a tower with fibre back-haul - Low Latency and low contention.  It is like having a piece of fibre through the air. Packages available from 10Mbps to 20Mbps.

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